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Woodworking Projects from 2005-2008

Someone asked me what stain I use. I stained the pine projects "Moorish Teak" to make the wood darker but, on all the other projects, I did not stain the wood. The birch projects are coated with an oil-based polyurethane, which tended to make the wood a bit more blonde than the raw wood color, and all the other woods are covered only with several coats of clear laquer.

Birch Coffee Table
Birch Coffee Table

Entertainment Center
Pine Entertainment Center

Dinette Set
Pine and Leather Dinette Set

Pine Coffee Table and Pine Game Table
Pine Coffee Table and Game Table

Birch Spice Rack Birch Spice Rack Birch Spice Rack
Birch Spice Rack with door that opens from either side

Chest of Many Colors Chest of Many Colors
Chest of Many Colors
This was an experiment with woods I had not used before.
Shell and drawers are birch, drawer faces are Canarywood, Purple Heart, Lacewood, and Bloodwood

Card Holders
Card Holders
I made these by request for my neighbors to their specifications.
Woods are Purple Heart, Bloodwood, and Lacewood

Bachelors Chest Bachelors Chest
Bachelor Chest
Shell and drawer faces are Canarywood, drawer sides and backs are maple, drawer bottoms are birch.

Jewelry Box Jewelry Box
Canarywood Jewelry Box

Canarywood Headboard
With floating panels

Blanket Chest Blanket Chest
Canarywood Blanket Chest
Floating panels and cedar bottom

Headboard and Blanket Chest with the two cats, Norman and Trixie,  sitting on the bed
Norman and Trixie enjoy the bed with the new headboard and blanket chest

Canarywood Wardrobe
Canarywood Wardrobe with birch back and cedar floor

My friend collects blown-glass globes, so I made some exotic wood stands to support them.
Purple Heart Globe Stand
Purple Heart Globe Stand
Clear lacquer coating.

Bocote Globe Stand
Bocote Globe Stand
Polished on the lathe and with no coating.
The board behind is also Bocote wood.

Bocote Globe Stand in use
The Bocote Stand in use

Pink Ivory Globe Stand
Pink Ivory Globe Stand still on the lathe
Polished on the lathe, but with no coating applied yet.
Pink Ivory Globe Stand
With clear lacquer.

Pink Ivory Stand in use
The Pink Ivory Stand in use

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