Encounter With an Easter Bunny

(special, for Rhyan)


“Lemme go!”

“No! I'm NOT letting you go!” The little girl tightened her grip on the fluffy, white rabbit.

“You're hurting me! What have you got against rabbits, any way?”

“You're not a rabbit.”

“I am too a rabbit. I'm the Easter Bunny. Now, let me go!”

“No way. And you're not a rabbit because rabbits are mammals, and mammals don't lay eggs. Plus, rabbits don't talk!”

“Some mammals lay eggs.”

“No, they don't!”

“Yes they do: they're called 'Monotremes.'”


“'Monotremes.' They're mammals that lay eggs. Like the duck-billed platypus and the spiny ant eater.”

“Oh, so you're a mommo-tree, then.”

“No, I'm not.”

“Well, the only things I know that lay eggs are birds and amphibians and reptiles.”

“And monotremes.”

“But you just said that you're not a mommo-tree. So you're just disguised as a rabbit. What are you, any way? I bet you're some kind of space alien and you came here to spy on us.”

“I'm not a space alien. I'm the Easter Bunny.”

“Then you're a fire-breathing dragon and you're just disguised to look like a rabbit. I heard about a wolf that disguised itself to look like a sheep so it could eat somebody's grandma!”

“Wolf disguised like a sheep?” He paused. “Fire-breathing dragon? Ghaaaah!"

“Well, a dragon would be a reptile and reptiles lay eggs. So that's what you are. You're a fire-breathing dragon disguised to look like a rabbit so you can capture unsuspecting, little kids and eat them up!” She started to scream.

“Stop screaming! I'm not a dragon! I'm the Easter Bunny!”

“I don't believe you.”

“I got the eggs from some chickens, ok? I didn't lay them.”

“Oh, now I get it. You're a thief! You rotten stealer! I'm calling the cops!”

“I'm no thief.”

“You stole those eggs from some chickens and then you colored them so that the chickens wouldn't recognize them and then you hid them besides.”

“You've got a wild imagination.”

“Mom! Call the police!”

“I didn't steal the eggs. The chickens told me that I could take them because they had too many.”

“That's a likely story.”

“It's true. They have extra eggs every morning and, usually, the humans come and collect the eggs. But sometimes they miss a day or they come later than usual. This time of year, the chickens let me take the eggs and color them and hide them for kids to find.”

“You're a crazy rabbit!”

“Well, at least you finally accept that I'm a rabbit,” the Easter Bunny said. Then he hopped off.

“Honey, wake up. It's Easter Morning. Look at the pretty sunrise.” The little girl's Mom was shaking her bed.

“Huh?” She opened her eyes, “You mean I was only dreaming?”

“You must have been dreaming, dear.” Her mother said. "Get up and come downstairs to breakfast."

That surely was a weird dream,” the little girl thought.

Copyright © March 21, 2013 by C. Meton.

What other kinds of animals can you think of that lay eggs?

Fish, insects, spiders (arachnids), crustaceans...

What kinds of animals lay eggs?

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