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Dubitabilis was a cat. Actually, Dubitabilis still is a cat. I use the past tense only because I am telling a story that takes place in the past. So: while Dubitabilis IS a cat, I start the story by saying that Dubitabilis WAS a cat. Dubitabilis both was, and is, a cat.

Now, don't go getting any ideas that you are smart and that Dubitabilis is actually some kind of tiny, land-based, air-breathing, terrestrial pulmonate gostropod mollusk or something. You will just make your own behind unclothen. I am telling you, and I have told you, that Dubitabilis is a cat.

Ok, now you're starting to annoy me. Don't go telling me that Dubitabilis is a spider from some island somewhere which is named after a bird. Dubitabilis was, is, and will always be a cat. Will be, at least until Dubitabilis ceases to do all those things that constitute living. When Dubitabilis stops doing all of those things, Dubitabilis will have ceased to be a cat, or, at least, a living cat.

The end.

Thank you very much. I will be here until I leave.

Now, you don't have to go home, but you can't stay here.

Oh, please, now you doubt me! Dubitabilis defined, discussed, and discussed again.

You do know that Dubitabilis is the cat's name, right? Sheesh, why do I have to explain everything!


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