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Art - People's Choice Award

My painting won "People's Choice Third Place" in the RFA Members' Show October 19, 2014!  Maybe I shouldn't have been surprised: 37 is my lucky number.  I forgot to use my pen name on this entry.  I use "C. Meton" when I write and I sign all of my art with the initials, "CLM" but I forgot to do that when I entered this painting, so the gallery tag shows the name by which I'm known among my friends.

People's Choice Third Place Award

Boy, was I surprised!  I helped hang the entries for the show and I was intimidated by all the extremely good art that was included in the show.  There were over seventy entries and I really didn't expect to win.  My main reason for entering my painting was that I wanted to see how my art would be received by the public.

People's Choice Third Place Award

One of the professional artists who also had paintings in this show told me that I should have priced it higher.

Entry tag showing information about the painting


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